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Thread: New Rally Schedule

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    Jason -

    For the National Rally, the 2014 rally and beyond haven't been announced...the process for selection I'm sure is still going on. They typically announce the next year's rally at this year's rally, in Salem, OR. The location for National rallys relies on a zone system...this is illustrated in this post:

    You can look back on the recent Nationals to see where their located to get an idea of which zone something will be in the future. Past rallys are listed in your Anonymous book.
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    Quote Originally Posted by THEO View Post
    It appears that the rotation is designed to allow no further than a two-zone trip to a rally ever other year. I'm on the east coast (New England, Zone 4)), so in 2014 I'll have a two-zone trip but in 2016 the rally will be "in-zone". The one-zone/two-zone distance feature applies to all zones, but in different years of rotation. So, the new rotation seems to be fair...but only from an east/west perspective.

    Not stated is the north/south perspective...

    Check out the new zone map:

    Note that the riding distance from the north of Zone IV to the south of Zone IV is a actually 3 "riding zone" trip! So, even though the Rally may be "in-zone" to your location (east/west) it may actually be 3 "riding zones" away (north/south).

    I would suggest that the Rally's zone rotation should also consider its north/south siting aspect. Considering Zone IV as an example, its "in-zone" years will be 2016, 2020, 20024 and 2028. Rotating the north/south in-zone locations in those years might result in a NY location in 2016, a GA location in 2020, a PA location in 2024, and a SC location in 2028.

    Further, I suggest that when the Site Committee is evaluating criteria for sites, they take into account its proximity to either the north-central or south-central halves of each of the 4 Zones.

    Actually, Theo 2014 will be in Zone III, so if Salem not in the cards this year, perhaps you could plan on next year for sure. It's a good site.

    Actual location (no - not Sedalia) is under wraps until an announcement is called for. Right now, all eyes need to be on Oregon. Great plans and outstanding events taking shape out West!

    As for the selection process, more complex than I first realized when I often leveled some sharp-tongued criticism. I have tempered my judgement a bit since those days. I learn slowly, but I do learn.
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    I'm alittle slow on the uptake..................

    When would one think the rally will be back on the west coast? 2015?

    Long term trip planning in process.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gsjay View Post
    I'm alittle slow on the uptake..................

    When would one think the rally will be back on the west coast? 2015?

    Long term trip planning in process.
    Cut & paste from another thread.

    "I believe the new rotation is scheduled:
    --> 2013 West
    --> 2014 Midwest
    --> 2015 Mountains
    --> 2016 East
    ... ... repeat ... ...

    It's also important to note that sometimes, unexpected things happen and regions might get shuffled due to ... *SURPRISE!* ... complications.

    But generally speaking, the rally site selection committee makes every effort to stick to this schedule."

    Looks like 2017 for a return to the West.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gsjay View Post
    Where can I find the listing of future rally locations?

    The next rally location used to be revealed at the closing ceremonies of the present year rally. Now they release the information for the following year's rally a few months earlier, but I think due to contract details etc, the board doesn't say any further than the next year. Can't see as I blame them, just thinking about all the details involved in finding a suitable site gives me a headache, and if something didn't end up working out, there would be quite the outcry, no doubt.
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