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About 5 years ago my wife and I tried to enter Canada with birth cirtificates. It was a no go. The Canadian lady got pretty snotty with me for not knowing the rules. It was my bad, I was told what I needed but thought the old birth cirtificate would take care of it. I did not have a passport yet. It was just a spurr of the moment day trip. No big deal. I plan on going back for a vistit so I will have the passport next crossing.

Canada's Immigration and Refugee Protection Act ( http://laws-lois.justice.gc.ca/eng/a...2.5/index.html ) does not require a passport for entry at a land border crossing. There may have been extenuating circumstances in your case that precluded entry. If there is a reasonable expectation that the United States will refuse admission on re-entry, admission to Canada may be denied as the person would be stuck with no means of support.

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What if some one is a dual citizen - a citizen of USA and Canada; how does DUI conviction affect? I mean he is legally allowed to live and move freely in either country.

I am not even sure if one travels into Canada with Canadian passport and travels back into USA with American passport, how that would work?

There are tens of thousands such dual citizens living in both the countries.
Citizens of Canada and the US may not be denied entry to the country of citizenship. Without a passport, verification of citizenship may be an involved process. With a passport there are no grounds to deny entry to the country of citizenship. A dual citizen of both the US and Canada cannot be denied entry to either, provided it can be proved through information databases.