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yeah, I've had those kind of questions asked of me on every overnight trip (and quite a few day trips) I've ever had the pleasure of riding... I believe that fear is the where most of those questions come from (especially from other women). Fear of the unknown, fear of machines that they don't know how they work, fear of enjoying themselves 'too' much, fear of being alone...
Our global society teaches women to question themselves, their capabilities, be scared, submissive and stop putting a foot forward very early. I believe that we are coming out of the fog in the past few decades. Here in San Francisco, I feel very lucky to be in an environment that just accepts gender equality, and quite frankly, just tolerance for pretty much whatever you want to throw at us (I'm also a 911 dispatcher....and we have some "express yourself" stuff here that shocks out-of-towners 'cause that's just how the city is). It's a bit of a shock when I travel and run into men that still think they are somehow superior to women.

I saw some incredible photos of truly pioneering female motorcyclists at the Sturgis museum: perhaps we are just a couple generations further along, but still pioneers.