Yesterday at work I was doing some tasks in a common area and one of our administrative assistants who was also getting some work done stopped what she was doing and came over to me and said "I hear you went on an adventure."

"What? An adventure? I took two weeks of vacation if that's what you mean."

"Well, I heard that you took a trip on your motorcycle," with a little awe in her voice.

"Oh, yes, I went to Missouri."

"All the way to Missouri?"


"On your motorcycle???"

"Yes. I went to a BMW motorcycle rally out there."

"By yourself??? All that way????"

"Well.... Yes. I had a great time."

"By yourself? I mean, weren't you nervous? All that way?"

"Well, you do have to exercise some common sense in your dealings with people and other drivers and always be alert to what's going on around you. But, no, not nervous. I've been out west twice before."

"By yourself?????"


The conversation went on from there and I ended up explaining a little about the MOA, the national rally, and how it's held in a different part of the country every year. Etc., etc. She was just incredulous that I went off to places hither and yon on my bike and by myself. Everyone I interact with at work knows that I ride and have been riding since 1981. I had no idea that this activity of mine was fodder for the rumor mill as I tend to not get involved in the rumor game and the water cooler conversation. This woman has known forever that I ride. So, I've come away from the conversation sort of surprised and bemused. I mean, is it really such a shocking thing to others, especially non-riders, that as a woman I ride... alone... and go on long trips? What is so surprising about this? It's just an activity I enjoy doing - like reading and snorkeling. Albeit, I'm a bit more passionate about the riding these days, but to me it's just a normal thing to do. So, I'm curious, what other conversations have you women had regarding being a motorcyclist and how have you been made aware that what you do, ride, is such a surprising thing? What totally off-the-wall things have you heard and had said to you?

Just wondering... Louise