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Thread: Can I lower the seat on my '06 K1200LT?

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    Can I lower the seat on my '06 K1200LT?

    I have seen discussions on lowering the K1200LT seats on the earlier models. Some modify the mounting system and grind down a bit of plastic, while others dig right under the vinyl and reshape their foam.

    My bike has heated seats, and I'm quite leery of mods that require cutting the vinyl &/or foam.

    Does anyone have a solid mechanical technique for lowering the seat mount on later model KLT's?.


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    I assume you know that the seat has an adjustment bar, it has two positions. If it is in the lower position there are a couple other things you can do. One is remove the bar, others have done it and you get another 1/2 inch. The second one is to reduce the preload on the rear shock, flip up the seat and turn it counter clockwise. HTH
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