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Thread: Brake flush, 2005 R1200RT

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    Brake flush, 2005 R1200RT

    I've been looking at information regarding Brake servo flushing for my '05 R1200RT.
    And the one thing I have not been able to determine, is if the bike is supposed to have bleeders factory installed on the the calipers?

    I was going to purchase some "Speed-Bleeders" and install them, but when I looked at my calipers I noticed there were already bleeders installed. I don't know if they are just bleeders, or, should I bet on them already being speed-bleeders, as in, they shouldn't be there at all unless someone flushed the brakes and installed them. They have rubber caps on them... Here is a pic, left front caliper. Sorry it's a wee bit fuzzy.
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    My 05RT has bleeders, like yours, but not speed bleeders. And, you don't need them. Bleeding the brake circuits is a piece of cake with standard bleeders.

    I'd recommend Jim Von Baden's CD on maintenance for your bike. It's $25 and a bargain. You can get all the information you need on the net, and here on the forum, but for $25 you get a nice A-Z video on maintenance, including the servo brakes. You'll save a lot more than $25 on just the brake bleed alone.

    The entire RT service is a leisurely afternoon (if you have the parts on hand) and is not difficult to do. I'll be doing a complete service soon at 65k miles.

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    This is a GS, not an RT, but the bleed is the same. Instead of using speed bleeders I've a motion pro one way valve in my bleed line. It's not really necessary, especially since the bleed point is on the top and if you forget to close the bleed valve before releasing the brake lever it will suck in old fluid, not air.

    Same setup is used to bleed the control circuit at the ABS unit.

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