Update- After replacing air filter,fuel filter,spark plugs and adding techron to gasoline on my !990 K75rt.The machine has some regained power although there is still some black soot build up on exhaust outlet.Upon suggestion by Paul Glaves I decided to get the injectors cleaned.I carefully cleaned the areas around the injectors and removed them, in the process some debris fell into the port that injectors were removed from.(Doh)
So I decided to remove the FI system and replace all rubber pieces and clean out the intakes before the debris causes damage.Now that I have ordered the replacement parts,sent off injectors to Mr.Injector and cleaned out debris.While I wait for parts to arrive I will clean the grime and grit from the hidden areas under the tank.
Please help answer questons---
1.Is it normal for there to be oily residue in the airbox above the throttle bodies? I know the crankcase vents into the airbox but I had enough to coat the entire enclosed area and into the TB,s.
2.Is there a specific size ear clamp tool to use for the hoses and where can I get it or borrow one from a member?
Thanks Mark