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Thread: Camp pillow

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rebgen View Post
    I've tried regular camp pillows and I just can't elevate my head enough to be comfortable.
    That's why I finally bought a small down pillow with extra stuffing. Feels exactly like the pillow on my bed....because it is. And it adds very negligible size to the compression sack that holds my sleeping bag.
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    Camp Pillow

    Yes, I also need a pillow. I have a Small(Lawn Mower type) intertube that I blow up, Tie in the middle and put in a pillow case. be sure the Valve stem is on the bottom when in use. I run a sidecar so I don't need to let the air out when traveling. All my camping gear(150lb,Including a 30 lb car battery) is in the sidecar. I got tired of rolling up my tens so now i just stuff it in the sidecar and pull it out to dry(always) when i get home.

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    Thanks for all the ideas... plenty of choices.

    I've used the Darien liner as a pillow in the past. It will do if I forget the real thing, but I much prefer the real thing. I've also used a down pillow stuffed in with the sleeping for transport. It didn't last very long.

    The nemo, exped, and rei pillows that are a combination of air and some kind of foam or fiber look interesting. I think a trip to REI is in my future. Thanks.

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    Walmart had those!

    Pillows are my worst item to find comfy with too. Walmart sold the inflate types, with soft gel like liners and a sleeve for 5 BUCKS. Cannot find'em anymore. I have a camping closet full of camp pillows of much variety and the cheapy Walmart one above came out the best buy/comfy of all of'em. I've got about two years out of this current one and need another, but they seem gone. They pack sooooo small and I should have bought the entire supply in store. Hindsight! IF I see'em again at Walmart, I'm buying several, maybe all of 'em. I could double my money at rallies. Randy

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    A rolled up riding jacket suits me just fine.

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    There are times, if a WalMart is near, I'll just spend $5 and buy a regular pillow. Otherwise, I have a pillow case with my sleeping bag, I just stuff some fabric articles in to and use that for a pillow.
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