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Thread: Dry Cleaning Rider Wear

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    I have a method that works great for me, not only for my Rallye 2 Pro but my normal everyday riding gear as well as street clothes.
    1. Empty Adventure cases
    2. Put a ZipLoc Big Bag (SC Johnson in each case, size XLarge
    3. Fill 1 case with water and add woolite
    4. Fill other case with water
    5. Put Rallye 2 pro jacket in case with woolite
    6. Go for ride down abandoned railroad tracks for agitation
    7. At end of a few miles, take jacket out of woolite and place in other case for rinse, put Rallye 2 Pro pant in case with woolite
    8. Repeat until clothes are clean. I usually leave the pads in place because they are such a pain to take out and put back in.
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    Can we pass the hat & buy this guy a washing machine? Or don't they have laundromats in your area?

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