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Thread: Clearwater lights.

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    Clearwater lights.

    I picked up a set of Clearwater "Glenda" lights at the rally and put off installation a couple weeks till I did my 12000 service when I would have all bodywork off. After my over-complicating the install, and a few conversations with Skip from Clearwater, They finally went on and WOW what a difference they little guys make. I am a third shifter and ride to and from work every day in dark. All I can say is they worked with me to the tee and made sure I was happy with everything and that they worked great.
    To start with the brackets they sent me were not the ones that fit my '01 LT, they were for later model with different brakes. They quickly made up another set a for my bike and expressed them out to me, not even the smallest hassle. Then skip spent some time on phone with me till I got them to work because the std. color wires that they are use to are not the ones on my bike for some reason.
    It is great to find a company that really has customer service and stand behind their product. The installation would be very easy if I were thinking straight. (way to many projects going on) They work so well, I am ready for another set.
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    I picked up a set of Clearwater Kristas for my GSA yesterday - after having ordered them about a month before. I was beginning to feel a little buyer's remorse because of the cost. (I had to replace stock I'd busted in a gravel tip over.)

    Boy oh By! These things are great. Much better illumination and much sturdier construction. Plus they look cool. I think I'm going to like these.

    Glad to hear from you that the company is such a stand-up organization. That makes me feel even better about my purchase.

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