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Thread: engine cleaning

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    I used a product from Swish a long time ago that was used for brightening up aluminum and it worked extremely well. If you've seen the part of an R bike where the flywheel and clutch are, you know how dirty and corroded the surface of the aluminum can be in there.

    This is after I used that product. All I did was brush it on and rinse.

    Aluminum that is protected from the elements by anodizing will look good for a long time. The problem is products being used by owners that is either abrasive or acidic.

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    I have had good results using Dow Scrubbing Bubbles in the aerosol can to clean wheels and engines. This works fabulously to clean wheels of brake dust and road grime. For really stubborn oil and grease I use Zep Products citrus degreaser. Home Depot sells it. You can use this on a hot engine and will not harm the finish. It was created to clean out greasy restaurant vents and just melts greasy oily dirt away leaving a nice clean surface.
    I have had some success removing stains from the course natural aluminum finish of early K and airhead R bikes with Never Dull. If you ever served in the US military you probably polished a lot of brass with this stuff. It is a cotten wadding soaked in some chemical brew that shines up all kinds of metals without using any abrasives. On the bare aluminum of our engines it will remove stains, with some rubbing, without discoloring the aluminum. Wash the surface you work with lots of detergent and water afterwards to remove any of the chemical from the Never Dull wadding.
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