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Thread: Scooter seats in general...

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    Scooter seats in general...

    The seat on the C650GT is going to be appreciably wider than a motorcycle seat right?

    Anyone have experience riding long distances on a burgman or silverwing or similar? How did you find the stock seat?

    My comparison point is a Russell on a G650GS. I'm a big guy, and I have a wide a$$.


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    And on a scooter all your weight is on your butt. Even on an RT ("sit up and beg") there is some weight on your wrists and legs. No so on a scoot, so the seat is important.


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    I recently bought a 2008 Burgman 650. I haven't taken it on a long ride but what little I've ridden it I find the seat nice and wide but a bit too short front to back. My wife likes the seat but say's she's not interested in riding the scooter so I'm selling it.
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