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Thread: 91 r100 GS PD not starting

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    Is this a Bosch starter...and the two bolts are on the aft side of the motor? I found that a quarter-inch drive and socket with a swivel connector allowed me to at least loosen the bolt/nut. I think once you have it out, if the bolt is reversed, then removal in the future is quite a bit easier.
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    well i finally got around to taking it out and pulling the whole thing apart. thanks for the help everyone! turns out the magnets in the starter motor were more of a pulp then anything else...

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    hi everybody (again)
    turns out even though the starter motor was destroyed it was only part of the problem i just got a new one and put it in and it has the same symptoms as the last one which leads me to believe there is some kind of electrical problem? I'm pretty bad with electrical so any help would be greatly appreciated...


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    you said you connected the jumper cables directly to the battery leads. When you push the start button do you get at least the "click" from the starter solenoid?

    And why do you mention that you left the key in? Does it behave different when you always remove the key when you park?


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