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Thread: Helmet Liners

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    Helmet Liners

    After 20 years or so, my SLIK helmet liner finally gave up the ghost, and I found out that they are (apparently) not made any more -- may be a few still around gathering dust on a dealer's rack, but now out of production.

    I've tried a few others, and - for one reason or another, have found the design to be sorely lacking -- elastic edges that are too tight, material not "slick" so the helmet is hard to pull on, seams in the wrong place(s), etc.

    Enter the SILKY from WHITEHORSE PRESS! $18.95 ea. or 2 for $34, in all colors as long as it's black. Yes, you'll look like a Russian Cosmonaut until you get your brain-bucket on, so NO NEED to give up that flash of the "maximum Dork" look, ever again! (No affiliation w/ Whitehorse beyond loyal customer.)

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    I was just looking at those. Nice to have a good review. TNX OM
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    bmw communication system

    i had nothing but trouble out of mine first i had it installed no broblem it worked for two days then after that it would not take a charge so i got bmw to repalce the board and pig tail it worked fine that night i plug it in to charge it no problem i turn it on and its on stand by mode and will not go off that mode so iam beside myself with what to do next i would like some feed back please
    thanks rick

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    Quote Originally Posted by 181846 View Post
    i had nothing but trouble out of mine first... i would like some feed back please
    Posting coherently would help, responding on the correct thread would help more...

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