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Thread: Escape Wisconsin plan - your thoughts of my plan?

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    Escape Wisconsin plan - your thoughts of my plan?

    Hello, so I have a 13 week "sabbatical" beginning Christmas week this December. My destination will be to ramble through Central America from Wisconsin. Although we had a very mild (50 degrees) 1st week of January 2012, even with global warming, I don't feel confident in relying on that to happen this January.

    I did some research and found a storage facility in Memphis that I can rent for a month for $29.00. My plan is to ride to Memphis Thanksgiving weekend, store my R1200GS, and take a Delta flight back to Milwaukee. Then on Dec 24th retrun to Memphis and take the moto out of storage and begin my journey.

    Realistically the weather should be better in November than December for riding from Wisconsin. From Memphis I can get a round trip flight to Milwaukee with frequent flyer miles for $7.50. Memphis temps in Dec/Jan historically have been ~50 Hi ~30 low

    To me it seems pretty straight forward to be a solid plan, but I may be missing the obvious. What am I missing or alternate suggestions? I am also thinking I could schedule with a southern BMW dealer for service and then have them store the bike. Having it locked up at a storage facility may be a more secure feeling?

    I don't have equipment to trailer my moto. My plan would be less expensive than shipping the bike.

    I choose Memphis because of riding distance from Milwaukee, weather in January, m delta frequent flyer miles and direct memephis/milwaukee non-stop. What are your thoughts? thanks.
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    Sounds like a terrific plan!

    My only suggestion would be to use your anonymous book to find a BMW rider who might store your bike.

    Dream on and then make it happen!

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