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Thread: Triggering lights/gates

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    Triggering lights/gates


    I am sure this is a common issue and/or has been discussed before so point me to the right place if it has.

    Since I started riding a bike regularly again I released that I do not trigger the lights or the gates into apartment complexes (even with a transponder) .

    I have asked the company who operate the gates and they believe that bikes do not get picked up as they are not magnetic enough rather than heavy enough.

    I live in southern California if that makes any difference.

    Anyone else have the same problem? Any solutions?



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    I'll move this to another forum...Just Ridin'. There's been additional discussion there. Such as:
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    With the ground loop sensors I've found that having my tires along the cut line (if it shows) or just inside it makes a difference. Most seem to sense the bike anyway, but the trouble ones I just make sure I position the bike along the line. Hopefully that will help with your gate sensor issue. Stopping in the middle of the loop area gets you too far from the sensor wire.

    As mentioned in the other threads, many states either have laws allowing you to go through lights that don't sense you, or have laws that require that the light be adjusted to sense you (Texas being in the latter category). So here in the Texas you can report one that doesn't work and they will actually come out and fix it.

    Of course, with gates on private property you are kind of stuck if you can't get them to sense the bike.
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    I've found that placing the bike diagonally near the corner of the loop is most effective on the sensors at work.

    That said I had to adjust the sensor so it would detect my R90/6, it detected my co-workers Harley just fine..........Rod.
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    Years ago I bought a rare earth magnet and attached it with a bit of silicone & zip
    ties to the cross brace on my centerstand.

    Seems to work for me, only once did I have to run the red light.

    My .02 cents worth!
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