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Thread: Garmin 2730 repair

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    Garmin 2730 repair

    Has anyone attempted a replacement of the screen on the 2730. Mine's doing all kinds of crazy stuff including clouding up when it gets too much direct sunlight. Can't see it all then. Other times it keeps trying to save a location I am just passing through and don't want to save. The screen is getting hot, swelling up and making things go wacky

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    GPS Repair

    Garmin has been more than willing to replace 2 of my past units when the situation you describe occured to mine. Phone them and see what they will do. Good Luck.

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    I talked to Garmin last month about my 2720 screen & was told they have no more parts to repair the 2700 series GPS.
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    Unfortunately, Garmin won't repair these devices anymore. I just went though the process of trying to get an unresponsive touchscreen on a 2720 to work. I did a fair amount of searching online and found a couple of guides that directed me through disassembly and reassembly. I followed the instructions to no avail. You may have better luck.

    I ended up with a Nuvi 550 from They have an AutoMoto kit that features RAM mounts so that the device can be set up on your bike or in your car. I also purchased a Garmin power and data cable so that it can run off the bike's electrical system instead of its battery.

    The Nuvi 550 is a decent GPS, but it's not as good as my old 2610. The 2720 was a purchase from eBay that wasn't as described. The unit powers up fine, but the touchscreen was hit or miss. Too bad I couldn't update the maps on the 2610. It would still be on my bike.
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