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    Proficient cornering...

    I've recently returned to riding after a hiatus of 25 years. Used to ride a Suzuki GSX550 in SF Bay Area. Never really gave cornering much thought then...just rode them. And I don't recall having any problems, fast or slow. Now I'm riding a BMW F800ST, and before I took delivery I took a safety course and read several well-known books on proficient riding and safety.

    My problem is that I am now VERY conscious of my cornering technique, and feel like I'm "over-thinking" the line. The more I ride, the better I'm maybe it'll all fall into place over time.

    But I wouldn't mind hearing how you seasoned veterans of riding developed good cornering skills.


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    Ride, ride, ride. I'm not being funny. It just takes time. As a MSF RiderCoach in Florida, I deal a lot with riders returning to the sport after an extended absence. You've already taken the most important steps; taking a safety course and educating yourself. Some other recommendations:

    - Find someone you trust and ride with them. Ride behind them and watch their lines, and have them ride behind you. Talk about your riding with some skilled riders. Good riders are always looking to help and be helped in their skills development.

    - Find/Use some safe routes that have good corners (different radii, clean pavement, no traffic, etc) and practice. Practice at different speeds and on different lines, until your corner setup starts coming naturally and you're not really thinking about it.

    - Find an advanced training course. If you've never done a track day or track school, consider the latter. Once you start running corners on a track at higher speed (which factors in time compression, speed, corner lines/entry/exit, early setup, gear selection, body position, etc), everyday public street corner setups come easily. A good track school really does significantly enhance your street riding skills.

    Good luck!

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    Thanks! To your point about finding a safe route with good corners, I'm blessed with a 40 mile route that is uncrowded, goes through canyons and into a mountain town (with a cafe for coffee!). Lots of corners, from long sweepers to blind, decreasing-radius turns. It's a workout, but as I said, I'm getting better. My biggest problem is apexing early on the latter turns, and staying far enough outside on the sweepers, until the exit is visible. Ride, ride, ride...that's good advice.

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    It is easy to get caught-up in, and confused by new info. What I try to do is apply what I've learned about cornering techniques and lines to ride as smoothly and rhythmically as possible. Any gain in pace is just an extra benefit.
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    I will 2nd a track day, pick an organizer that offers good training, incl classroom.

    Next just work on SMOOTH, not speed, you will soon be fast, I promise.

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    I highly recommend CLASS with Reg Pridmore from a street riding perspective. Lots of good tips, track time, low "problem" riders, lots of instructors on track, etc. You will get passed, you will pass. I felt a bit weak & too nervous to pick up the corner speed like I wanted to, so am going to try Lee Park's Cornering clinic, then go back to CLASS. It is money well spent.

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    1+ to all has been said.

    One of the things that I have gained from those experiences is looking and selecting line into a curve and going where I looked but by then looking beyond and going to the exit and looking beyond.

    Take a class.

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