OK, here goes. This is the SHORT version of what's been going on and would like to run it by this BMWMOA forum as the LAST source of input.

Just finished teaching my girlfriend (61 year old women,,but they love the word girlfriend at times) the basics of riding via MSF Basic Rider course. She's got about 1500 miles on a Rebel 250 and will be taking the DMV test Tuesday. She is more than proficient in the four skill areas tested in MSF test (state DMV test are a tad easier though the four skills are usually tested also), so the license test is not the question but offered as a backdrop.

It's all but a done deal that she will be getting a F 650 GS twin, either a 2011 demo with 2700 miles or a 2012. Just working the numbers from the dealer and how best to counter and sweeten the deal for us (out of the box lose something on the '11 warrantly). Both are the low suspension version, as these models are the only one's that allow for both feet to be planted flat...plus she loves the bike. In all probability she will never be "off road" per se, but I can see hard packed/fire roads etc. as a real possibility. I ride a '04 GS.

Would love comments on this bike, particularly from any female riders.

That's it.