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    new member from Seattle

    Greetings all. I just bought my third BMW and thought I'd (finally) join. I've owned a 1975 R75/6, a 2005 R1150R, and now (drum roll please) a 2006 K1200R.
    I like naked bikes. I will be setting my K12R up for sport touring, I commute 12 months a year and take at least one motorcycle vacation a year. The K12R is just a hoot. My previous bike was a B-King and (I hope I don't get flamed for this) while I feel it was a little faster that the K12R I wanted the ABS. Really, both bikes are so capable that I will never use the full power of either. The K does ride smoother, and the ESA is real interesting. Have not used it much yet, I probably only have maybe 100 miles on the K12.

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    From Hawaii...

    Welcome to the MOA and congrats on your new purchase.

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