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Thread: f650gs twin changing spark plugs

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    f650gs twin changing spark plugs

    Has anyone changed the spark plugs on their twin? I looked up the procedure and it says I need special tools: a spark plug socket p/n 123510 cost $63.44 from Max's. and a direct ignition coiul puller tool p/n 123561 cost $44.06.

    Has anyone done this with the tools? without the tools?

    Also has anyone checked the valves themself? Put in a new valve cover gasket?

    Thx, marina

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    coils pop right out, you don't need a puller (at least i did not). didn't bother to look at the plugs.
    checked my valves at 18K, all within spec. did not install new gasket. have a very very slight oil leak (one drip reaches the ground after a days ride)- will address at next valve check. the largest/toughest part of the valve check was just pulling all the stuff off the bike to get access to the heads.
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