We have the capacity to supply Organic Fluids, namely Organic Water and Organic Beer. However, each fluid category comes with Optima, Premium and Premium Plus class of fluids. We have patents pending and approval from various government agencies in the USA. We are also working on the international level to be the preferred supplier to several countries through a distribution channel.

We would like to partner with Med Wet. I hope that Med Wet can provide the comfort for logistics and quick response time that our organization demands. Not to mention we have established business alliance with FedEx, UPS, and DHL.

While we strictly deal in fluid mechanics business, however we are forecasting demand increase in Air Technology, hence we are investigating opportunity, and our R&D folks are working on better, robust and quality air that has zero tolerance for fail.

We also supply Organic Additives with increased levels of vitamins for high performance engines. They give boost to a sluggish engine. In addition we have Organic Glucose to jump start a dying engine.

Rest assured that we are in the game for long term success through use of technology.