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Thread: Autocom Bike Comm. System Feedback

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    Autocom Bike Comm. System Feedback

    Looking for a decent comm system to offer rider and pillion comm via wired headset. Also stereo input from bike satellite radio and GPS. Looked on line at Autocom, sounds decent....never heard of it or used it. Price is fair but not too cheap to make me say,"It must be junk." Anyone have any experience?

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    I just got rid of my Autocom. IT worked great with everything except the phone. People could not understand what I said. And I got tired of all the cables. So I just bought the new Cardo Scalarider G9. Now I'm completely bluetooth, no wires. Wife can listen to her iphone music bluetoothed to her headset. I can listen to iHeart radio on the internet through my phone, bluetoothed. My phone (for actual phone calls) is bluetoothed to my BMW Navigator IV. The Navigator is bluetoothed to my headset so I can hear GPS instructions as well as send and receive phone calls. All bluetooth is stereo and i've gotten over 7 hours of battery life on the headsets. The headsets also each have built-in FM radio and if you don't have an audio source that bluetooths in stereo, you can plug your unit into the headset.

    With this setup, you can talk to a total of eight other people, up to four at a time can have a two-way conversation. So what's not to like about this. I love not hving to deal with any cables anymore.
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    I bought a 2011 RT in March. I thought Blue Tooth was going to be great. Unfortunately the sound quality from the factory radio to my Nolan N-com stinks. I am addicted to XM radio. I want to improve the sound quality more than anything else. Right now I listen to radio via fairing speakers, my wife phone and GPS through blue tooth. I like being wireless as well, however not sure if I have to give up BT for wires to get the sound quality.

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    We installed an Autocom Logic system in our sidecar rig. Works great, clear sound for talk, XM stereo, GPS & phone. Wife uses helmet speakers in the hack, I use custom earbuds (Doh!). VOX works perfectly once you take the time to set it correctly.
    I have no patience for battery charging or changing (means I would forget to do it!).
    Just did 3000 miles on our Sedalia loop, no problems with the unit.
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    I have had 2 generations of Autocomm in my 2 bikes over the years. I love it.
    It takes a bit of time to get the speakers and microphone set up in your helmet, but once done, you don't have to mess with it.
    My main unit is in the glove box so I can easily access the adjustments. I have the rider cable come out from under the seat between the seat and the gas tank. I plug in and go. My wifes cable comes out from under the passenger seat on the left side. I have an XM and a GPS hooked into it.
    I have considered the bluetooth. One drawback is the need to remember to charge the helmet units before you ride.
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    I use the Autocom Super Pro AVi setup. The bike-to-bike, intercom, music, Gps, cell phone all perform well. The sound quality is great in town and at highway speeds. I have the Autocom mounted and powered up in a tank bag, so it's easy to move from bike to bike. The mikes and headsets are installed in Arai helmets. The only hassle I've had was getting the VOX set up properly after some struggles with it.

    In comparison, I also have a Schuberth C3 with its SRC bluetooth setup and use it primarily riding solo. It's paired to my GPS a and the phone paired to my GPS. It works OK, but sound quality wise it has a lot of catching up to do with the Autocom system.
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    Got a Sena SMH10 at the rally (couldn't find the company there this year unfortunately ) from a 'general' vendor. They didn't know much about the unit but fortunately I had already done some homework and bought one. Anyway, the purchase was all about 'The Wires'. Always a PITA for us and Mary refused to consider anythng wired (uh... beside me..). Easy to install, excellent clarity (although Mary's unit, in the copilot position, had more wind noise) and very simple to use. GPS cuts in clearly although it does, appropriately, butt into our communication mid sentence, that's no issue. Charging the batteries IS a PITA though because the kit only came with an on-board, plug into cigarette lighter unit. That was not convenient. Why they did not include an AC adapter baffles me. So, that's the only downfall in my opinion. Wires? SOOOO..... 'old world'! - Bob
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    If you haven't purchased anything yet, contact me and I'll help you. I'm an Autocom dealer and user for the past 15 years. It's a great product. Don't be bamboozled by the wireless only systems. Ours is the most flexible with the best sound!
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    Ditto Sena;

    I have this with no issues. A/C is easy as many standard ac chargers work and I bet you have one in the house already. I did. My on board cig lighter also works easy and is hardly used as the charge lasts for days. Easy to charge at night, while you sleep, or as you ride. Randy

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    Gotta give AutoCom a +1. I've had mine for about 7 years now and it is bullet proof. I have my sat radio and GPS hooked to it, and sometimes my phone, but only for music. I also hooked up a Amplirider so that I have volume control up front... works like a charm. I plan on upgrading to the newer model as soon as $$$ allows for it, so that I can hook my droid up for phone usage.
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