Well, I worked up to it and eventually went WOT on the front straight of Putnam Park Sunday. Can you say: "where's the TP?" After a whole day, was still not used to the amount of acceleration delivered at 10-11K to redline. Feeling the TC cut in to keep the front wheel on the ground full bore at 130mph was just a little bit much for me, and I found myself again and again, rolling throttle - brake early because of how quickly the straight rolled out under me. I KNOW when I need to put on the brakes at this track and couldn't make myself do it at the right time

Next track day will be a more gentle work-up to using it above 10500 and some short shifts to practice and make it automatic. I may even run to redline in rain mode for a bit for a more gentle cannon-shot.

I rode a 1993 ZX-11 for 10 years and the acceleration at 130mph on the RR was pretty equivalent to the old ZX at 45.

Track was a bit damp in the AM and rolling out of corners popped a few DTC lights on the dash. After it dried up, I went up to sport mode and at this point, still got more than I would have thought - either it's really sensitive or I need to respect it a little more and roll on a little slower. Comments???

I do find myself thinking "where could you possibly use this level of power on a public road?"