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Thread: Riding to the West side

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    Riding to the West side

    Saddled up with my bud Neil and headed west earlier this month. My friend from Ireland had planned to go but tore his rotator cuff and was out at the last minute. Nothing like picking the hottest possible date to go on a trip.

    Anyway, I left Indy at 0300 to beat the heat a bit and met up with Neil in St. Louis (he's from Chicago). made it as far as Lawrence, Kansas and the 115F heat was wearing on us. So we packed it in at about 2:00 PM and fell into a hotel there.

    Nice enough place, but a bit weird...

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    Very small town and the town center was 2 blocks away. On the way in, we smelled BBQ - so off we went in search of the source...
    This was it, a small bar downtown....

    Dead animal heads on the wall, so it's gotta be good...

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    Ice cold Stella for starters....

    And then the chow arrives. Half rack for me...

    And the Cholesterol Platter for Neil....

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    At 5'6" and 120 lbs., Neil can eat more than anyone I know. Little guy killed it...

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    We're fat and happy with bellies full of food and beer, so we head back to the hotel. Downtown Lawrence....

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    I said the hotel was weird. We parked under the canopy at the main entrance, and then had to walk over this railroad track bridge to the building...

    Odd layout for a hotel.

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