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Thread: Quest: mounting aux. lights on 09 G650GS

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    Quest: mounting aux. lights on 09 G650GS

    I am setting up my wife's 09 G650GS and will be adding aux. lights this week. My question relates to mounting options.

    Where are the best places to mount these lights? Are there brackets available? If so, where?

    If I were to pick up a pair of crash bars, which ones are set up to accept lights while still keeping them within the protection of the bars should she drop the bike? The BMW bars seem more set up to protect the engine parts and appear to be too low and tight to the bike to provide a good place to mount lights. Any experience here?

    Pics would be appreciated.

    I will post this in a couple of places so in order to increase likelihood of reaching wider audience.

    Thanks folks.

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    PIAA makes a light kit for the old F650GS single cyl. If they don't make a kit for your G650GS the old kit should work, but check with them prior to ordering to be certain.

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