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I'm from Oregon I've been a member for about 3 years and have really wanted to attend an International Rally... but they've always been too far and/or I've been unable to get the time off work. This coming summer rally dates are perfect and I can get those days off. But geeez... I would love a nice ride to get there... but only 50 miles down I-5 to get to Salem... that just takes the wind out of my sails. Perhaps I'll wait for another year and what I'd consider a funner destination from my point of view. For me the road trip to get there is half the fun! Without a decent ride to get there is the rally really worthwoth it? Should I wait for another year? Just rambling here ΤΗͺ. LOL!
The rally was only 70 miles from me when it was in Johnson City, TN. I along with others, mapped out good crooked mountain rides for out of towners and led some rides on unmappable rides that were great. It's great fun when it is local.