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Thread: K1200GT '04 Oil Leak?

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    K1200GT '04 Oil Leak?

    I just got my first BMW, fourth motorcycle overall, thrilled to have it. I've read about K engines smoking on startup if parked on the side stand. I left mine on the side stand for a couple of days in the garage, and found a small oil puddle on the floor under the left side. I haven't had time to try to trace it. I suspect the oil may have been overfilled a little - I couldn't see a level in the sightglass, so it was either really full or empty. Anyone have an experience like that?

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    Without a better identification of where the oil appears (which will require R&R of some plastic), it's pretty much impossible to answer your question. Oil will travel from the source of the leak to where it drips on the bike - and can travel quite a distance due to wind effects, fairings, etc.

    As far as oil level - can you see oil in the sightglass when it's on the sidestand? If so - your oil is low (it's checked and set on the centerstand.) If not - it could be really low, or overfilled. To check for overfilled, get someone to help, and lean the bike a bit to the starboard side, whilst watching the oil level window. Don't drop the bike, that would be a bad thing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dunc723 View Post
    I left mine on the side stand for a couple of days in the garage, and found a small oil puddle on the floor under the left side. ?
    It can come from several places and collect in the belly pan, then run out when parked on the side stand.
    It could be the rear seal. If you see signs of seepage at the seam like shown in my picture, you'll probably find more under the engine if you remove the belly pan.

    It could be the timing chain cover at the front of the engine. This oil can travel to the back like was mentioned in the previous post.

    You might get lucky and find the drain plug or oil filter cover leaking.

    Take the belly pan off and wash the engine good, then go for a ride and see if you spot where the oil is starting from. Put the belly pan on before riding.
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