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Thread: BMW 49L Top Box & Wunderlich Top BOX rack

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    BMW 49L Top Box & Wunderlich Top BOX rack

    I have a 2011 RT with the BMW 49L Top Box. I am looking at the Wunderlich top box rack for 49L BMW Box. Anyone know the weight limit of the Rack and - or the BMW top Box?

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    The website specs don't seem to say anything weight, which is strange, but I'd assume very light stuff only. I'm thinking about getting it, also.
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    I have found that the BMW top case is rated @ 22# max. I plan on calling Wunderlich Monday.

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    I just returned from a 5500 mile trip and installed the W rack just prior to departure. I had a waterproof bag that weighed 25lbs secured with ROK straps on my 49L top case. I was worried that the top case would crack because of sustained wind resistance on the bag. I checked it at all gas stops and it all work perfectly. The W rack came with a couple of different bolts, washers, and "wedge" shaped washers so installation was a breeze. I averaged 75 to 80 mph most of the time and I have no complaints. The bike (2011 R1200RT) even handled better than I ever imagined. I was two up with 460 total pounds added to bike.

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    Thanks Randy for the feedback. Just the kind of info I was looking for.

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    I have the BMR rack on my 49L top box and I've had about 20 lbs up there and was quite nervous watching it wobble around with the slightest touch and was also concerned about the plastic cracking but it never did. I still try not to put too much up there though because the topbox is rated at 22lbs. Box is so big it's not hard to reach that much weight in the box.

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    I'm not certain of weight restriction, but being that high up above your CG, you should keep it as light as possible.
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