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Thread: 2011 R1200 RT Repair/Workshop Manual Downloads?

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    I'm primarily a Win/PC guy; been building PCs from parts since Intel 386SX/Windows 286 days. I have all Windows units at home and office, except for the MBP.

    I probably would not have looked twice at an Apple due to the cost difference and the "comfort" with Windows (warts and all), but I purchased a MBP for my wife to use for its "simple" OS. I've found that OSX as has matured, I can do almost everything I need in OSX, the multi-finger gestures on the touchpad make it easier/faster to do it, and the closed/sandboxed approach to maintaining control of the hardware and software environment results in a very stable/reliable platform. Combined with the top-level hardware (Unibody Aluminum chassis, wonderfully smooth touchpad), I'm starting to sip the fruit-flavored KoolAid.

    And from what I've seen of Windows 8 previews, there appears to be even more reason to shift to OSX!
    Mark Neblett
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    The Repair Manual DVD and GS-911 software are the primary reasons I use BootCamp on my MacBook Pro (I'm too cheap to pay for a Windows virtualization program like Parallels). As infrequently as I use it, having to reboot between the OS's is not a problem to me.

    Rep rom = Repair Manual on CD-(now DVD-)ROM.
    Oracle VirtualBox is free and does a fine job for things like the RepROM and GS-911 applications. You can even copy and paste between the window that is your virtual PC and the windows that are your native Mac applications. Example:


    Started writing code for the X86 processors in 1986 and never looked back. The Apple/Mac platform has such a small market share writing for it never made sense.
    Apple/Mac uses intel chips belonging to what most consider part of the X86 family of processors. For hard core techies Mach/FreeBSD lies under OS X. It's usually pretty trivial to build your favorite BSD/Linux apps to run on a Mac, too.

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    Another one

    We are a MAC and BMW house hold. 5 MAC's and 3 BMW's as my son sold his K75 for a Yamaha cruiser (and regrets it) He'll be back! People who see the BMW as a superior product may be drawn to the MAC too and are not put off from the higher initial price as the return is better and the machine is fun and reliable (the BMW too!)
    2002 F650GS, 1998 R1100R 75th anniversary edition, 1983 R80RT (just sold), 1959 R60 (in restoration), Honda CT90
    If you must make a mistake, make a new one each time.

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    I got my first pc in 1983 and never thought I'd own a Mac. Have used pretty much everything from DEC and Wang stuff to Xerox, etc and more programs than I've got hairs.
    But in 2008 I bought a Mac after getting totally disgusted with Vista. a true POS rejected by pretty much every business in the country. And while 7 fixed some of the problems of Vista, I'll make you a bet the 8 will push yet more Microsoft users to Apple products and backfire for MS.
    Latest computer at our place is a MacAir with SSD. There are plenty of things about Mountain Lion I still don't like and despite myth one does need to be security conscious and use appropriate AV protection but in general a Mac is easier to live with than a pc. The MacAir has a better screen and keyboard than most any pc...

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