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Thread: 2011 R1200 RT Repair/Workshop Manual Downloads?

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    2011 R1200 RT Repair/Workshop Manual Downloads?

    There was a recent thread talking about downloading BMW model specific "manuals" off Canadian or Denmark web sites in English. I checked it out and it turned out to be "Rider's" manuals, not "Repair & Workshop" manuals like Clymer and Haynes. I already have the Rider's manual but was looking for a hard-copy workshop manual.

    Apparently BMW dealers sell such manuals on DVD for PC computers, not Apples like mine for around $100. A hard copy workshop manual by Haynes won't be out for a number of years. So, it looks like strike one and two on both counts for me.

    Although dealer service has been good to me so far, I want to begin learning and doing things for myself rather than wait for the warranty to expire. I've already put together a good tool kit...much better than the 5 item kit that came with my bike...and want to know what to do with it in case of a problem on one of my several trips.

    Sooooo, do any of you really smart gear heads out there know where to get BMW cycle repair manuals? English? Please don't tell me it's strike three and I'm out! Thanks!!

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    Michael Bruns
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    I had the same issue. It is kind of a pain, but I took my dvd copy to a pc and then made copies to make my own hard copy manual. I have also found in much better detail, maintenance procedures on this forum.

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    Service manuals are copyrighted material and you have to pay for them.

    It's illegal to file them on the Internet for free download and it's illegal for you to download them.

    Go to your dealer and order the DVD or go to to order the aftermarket manuals. For the DVD you may indeed have to visit a friend with a PC.

    It's pretty normal for aftermarket manuals to trail the introduction of the bike by a year or two.
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    Getting something for free was not my issue. Your point on the dealer DVD is a good point, and I may ultimately have to get one and have it printed. I checked Amazon for every BMW cycle manual entry...444 of them...with nothing even close.

    My greatest wish is that BMW, or some other entity, would produce a complete and accurate hard copy manual that we could buy now. Such a simple thing. Anyway, thanks for your comment.

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    I found the BMW service manual for my '08 R1200GS available on ebay. The most recent manual (on ebay) is only up to the 2010 model R bikes.
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    Actually, you can run the dvd on the Mac. Install Parallels and your Windows OS and have at. I run a goodly number of PC only programs because developers are still brain dead about how many Mac users are out here. for example .
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    Alternative Manual Solution

    I'm a "mac" person and was dismayed not to be able to simply run my repair manual for my '12 R12RT. My solution was to pick up a used laptop for $50 and it is now my shop manual. Just leave it in my shop. Kinda handy really, no worries about damaging my "good" computer in shop environment etc. Miss a hard copy though, but they'll come to be sure.
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    Another Mac Person

    I, too, am a Mac Person. While I have a windows xp drive on my MacPro but wanted something that would run GS911 software and other stuff. Purchased a little Acer Netbook at Walmart. Packs very well.
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    I have an old pc laptop laying around for my DVD. What pisses me off is that I paid $100 for the manual but it is "missing" info about my 2011 RT. many of the other models offer on the DVD are complete. Would have been nice to know before buying it.


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    Try That's the site for info and service info on the police motors. Most of the info for the R1200 RT-P should also apply to your 2011 civilian model. I have printed out the hard copy service manual for the 1150 in the past. Great info there.

    EDIT- I see there's not as much info there for the 1200 as there is for the 1150.
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    I'm new to this forum but not new to manuals and doing my own maintenance and light repair (though I did remove an engine in a Yam FZ1 and replace it with another with a Clymers' manual help)

    I have online manuals for various bikes i've owned including gl1800 goldwing but I must admit I prefer the book.

    I've taken the pc to my garage where I have a shop setup but found it a tad difficult to keep grease and dirt off and with the manual, could write notes, flag pages and highlight important items.

    I'm not made of money but if we have a $10k+ bike can't we spend a $150 on a manual? I promise it will pay off rather quickly

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    not so retired henzilla's Avatar
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    I have several shop manuals going back to some 70-80's Hondas/VW's and Chevy's
    My BMW Clymers/Haynes pressed wood pulp with ink applied stop at the 1100/1150 series R bikes. They are marked up and have page markers showing years of use.

    I think what we are seeing is the ever evolving publishing world and technology. Seems most "manuals" will be digital with maybe a few exceptions for high volume cost effective publishing. I haven't gotten upset at lack of a paper greased stained manual and just learned a new way of doing things.

    I have an old laptop in the shop for using the BMW RepRoms and running my GS911...print out sections/pages IF needed. I printed torque values for common used fasteners and stapled it to a wall over my toolchests...a mix of old school and new world.
    I did try one of those pirated internet copies a few years had issues to say the least, missing info and sometimes wouldn't load correctly. You get what you pay or otherwise
    And we have several different models, which means more than one RepRom in our library...expensive?, maybe, but my shop rate and location make up for it.

    Seems there is a workaround for Mac users as mentioned...Macs are not made in Germany so don't think it will be cost effective or linear thinking by the homeland to ever produce that media...just sayin'...
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    being new to BMW what is a "rep rom" ? thanks

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    The Repair Manual DVD and GS-911 software are the primary reasons I use BootCamp on my MacBook Pro (I'm too cheap to pay for a Windows virtualization program like Parallels). As infrequently as I use it, having to reboot between the OS's is not a problem to me.

    Rep rom = Repair Manual on CD-(now DVD-)ROM.
    Mark Neblett
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    WOW I had no idea there were so many Mac users here. I'm amazed. Never had one and don't feel any desire to find a reason for one. Started writing code for the X86 processors in 1986 and never looked back. The Apple/Mac platform has such a small market share writing for it never made sense.
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