There was a recent thread talking about downloading BMW model specific "manuals" off Canadian or Denmark web sites in English. I checked it out and it turned out to be "Rider's" manuals, not "Repair & Workshop" manuals like Clymer and Haynes. I already have the Rider's manual but was looking for a hard-copy workshop manual.

Apparently BMW dealers sell such manuals on DVD for PC computers, not Apples like mine for around $100. A hard copy workshop manual by Haynes won't be out for a number of years. So, it looks like strike one and two on both counts for me.

Although dealer service has been good to me so far, I want to begin learning and doing things for myself rather than wait for the warranty to expire. I've already put together a good tool kit...much better than the 5 item kit that came with my bike...and want to know what to do with it in case of a problem on one of my several trips.

Sooooo, do any of you really smart gear heads out there know where to get BMW cycle repair manuals? English? Please don't tell me it's strike three and I'm out! Thanks!!