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To add to the confusion:

Aerostich has "Protekt Jeans" that look like serious pants. Also, they have "Arborwear Gusseted Canvas Pants" and "Protekt Khakis". All have TF3 knee pads available and double fabric at the knees, but no Kevlar. Prices are $97, $77 and $97 respectively, plus pads for $27.

'11 R12RT
I have been using the Arborwear Canvas Pants for a lot of hot-weather riding and for short, local runs, for several years. I find that the TF3 knee pads (and the shoulder and elbow pads on the Roadcrafter) to be as important as the Kevlar abrasion materials. In most of my serious wrecks, I found the impact protection of my knees and ankles to be more important than skidding along the pavement. My right knee is still operating thanks to a TF3 pad in my Roadcrafter in '91!