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Thread: SaengTA MicroSwirl

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    SaengTA MicroSwirl

    The above product is a black rubber edging that goes on a m/c windshield to increase the size/shape of the air pocket. The newest stuff is Generation-4, and it does have a different profile from the older configuration, so if you've tried this product before and really liked it then (as did I) you may like it even better now.

    I know from reading other posts that "sometimes" this seems to do little on SOME windshields. . .but. . .

    On my R1100RS STOCK windshield, this product dramatically improved the pocket, and correspondingly dropped the wind noise at all speeds, even with the shield in lowest position. The RS has a pretty small stock shield which looks great with the lines of the bike, and now it actually, you know, SHIELDS me from the slipstream. YRMV, but this may be a bargain solution to quieter riding, and buying a new windshield may --- or may NOT --- help as much as this edging. I like the look of it, too, but this is a personal thing.

    These guys have been in business for a long time, and are very helpful with advice and counsel on your particular machine. Airflow around a windscreen is a complex topic, as many of you know, and it gets expensive to go the trial-and-error route.

    I'm not a shill -- I just like passing along information on excellent products and vendors that serve our anally-retentive community.

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    yes, but...

    I've used this stuff on several screens with varying degrees of effectiveness. The greatest was when we put it on a small Gustafsen screen we'd had made for my wife's K75C. wow. (Still have the screen, BTW), and the least on the Aeroflow screen I use on my 1100RT. I took it off. It's fairly expensive, but you can keep re-attaching it to different screens.

    It seems like the smaller the screen, the more effective, but NO real evidence, just seat- eau d' pants.
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    I've tried it on several sport-tourers, starting with a '92 Concours, then a '98 Trophy 900, an ST1300 and lastly an FJR. Results were the same: a change in air flow but no real improvement in noise and buffeting. It does help channel rain off to the sides of the windshield. For the price it is disappointing and I had much better luck with a Laminar Lip.

    Haven't bothered to try it on my '11 RT.


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