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Thread: How To Avoid A Speeding Ticket

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    How To Avoid A Speeding Ticket

    This is not a thread touting the times my Valentine 1 has assisted me in avoiding a ticket (although it certainly has). Instead it is a comment on Victor Cruz's Article How to Avoid A Speeding Ticket. While the Article contains a great deal of valuable information, I must respectfully disagree with one aspect of his advise.

    Mr. Cruz advises that upon being stopped you confess to the alleged violation and save any contest for court. Everything you state to the officer is either being recored on video or will be entered as an annotation on the ticket. It is far more difficult (read virtually impossible) for you (or your lawyer) to deny you were speeding in court if you have admitted the violation to the officer. I obviously agree with Mr. Cruz to remain polite. Confessing to the offense MIGHT convince the officer not to write the ticket, but if you admit the violation you have traded your chances of beating the ticket in court for the chance the officer will not ticket you. Not a trade with good odds in my experience.

    My exchange would go more like this:

    Officer: Do you know why I stopped you?
    Me: No Sir.
    Officer: Do you know how fast your were going?
    Me: I'm pretty sure my speed was not excessive.
    Officer: You were speeding, we clocked you at 70 in a 50.
    Me: I see.

    You have been polite. You have not argued. AND you have not destroyed your chances to beat the ticket in court.
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