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Thread: 1986 BMW R80 Charging question

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    1986 BMW R80 Charging question

    Hello all, I have read a bunch of charging issues, but my question was not addresed with other peoples problems. When I start up the bike first thing in the morning, at idle, charge light is on, above 1100 rpm, it goes off. After riding for about 10 minutes, the charge light stays off at idle. about an hour later if I start it up, same thing. My landlord here in Germany says that is normal. I dunno, I am just verifying. All contacts were cleaned, new battery, tested voltage, it is good. it does not undercharge or overcharge, it fluctuates with different RPM but does not over charge or undercharge. there is no key off battery drain. I know there are alot of more BMW experienced people than I, I am a descent mechanic, but not familiar with BMW bikes, but not afraid to tackle repairs or disassembly.
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    Pretty much what my airheads did. Just make sure that you are getting the correct charge voltage at 3,000 RPM (about 14 to 14.5) and you should be set. I have seen lower charge voltages and still be good, but I think a health system should be what I quoted.

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    I have an 86 R80 that started life as an RT. The charge light does exactly the same thing as yours does.
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    My 86 r80rt does the same thing as yours bullfrog.It charges at about 13.8 volts.with no problems.

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