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Thread: 2004 R1150RT Electrical Schematics

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    2004 R1150RT Electrical Schematics

    I make frequent use of Doug Raymond's excellent R1150RT_Elec_Diagram (link below). It is much easier to navigate than my Clymer's Manual and clearer than a BMW schematic I've found on the web. However, for those of us who own the 2004 Twin Spark RT, it is missing the connections for the main spark plugs, which led me to purchase the BMW SLP 2.2 Electrical Diagram CD.

    The differences between Doug's Schematic for the single-spark 1150RT and the twin-spark are:

    --There is a Fuse 9, 7.5 amps. It connects to the High Beam lamp and indicator, between the Load Relief relay and the High Beam switch.

    --There are two connections from the Motronic to the connectors on top of the Stick Coils. The left side and right side have separate connections to the Motronic. +12V for the stick coils comes directly from the Key Switch, no fuse.

    (--Some R1150RT models have a second Load relay (not mine) that connects the main plug stick coils to +12V via a direct connection when the key is on. There is no indication of which VINs have this relay.)

    --Errata: On page 3 of Doug's schematic there should be a connection from the Load Relief relay to Fuse 7.

    I've uploaded the links and PDF files that show the wiring in detail for those who need to troubleshoot a problem.

    1. Doug Raymond's original schematic: R1150RT_Elec_Diagram

    2. An updated page 3 of Doug's R1150RT_Elec_Diagram: R1150RT_Elec_Diagram Page 3 Updated

    3. BMW Schematic showing Fuse 9: 2004 R1150RT High Beam Schematic

    4. Twin Spark Connections: 2004 R1150RT Twin Spark Connections

    5. Twin Spark Connections with Load Relay (not common): 2004 R1150RT Twin Spark Schematic Load Relay 2
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