Hey Rick I sent you a private last time on did you get it?
OK so here is the latest. Bob the GM at BMW of Denver was great and actually got me a new bike. Lots of headaches for him and myself with little to no help from BMW NA. I picked up the new bike yesterday and rode it 150 miles home. Rick same noises. Same clickity clack noise at 1800-2500 rpms dying off at 3000. Still there at 3000 but sounds less severe as the harmonics of high RPMS mask the sound. I can't even bring myself to contact Bob. I think he might kill himself. I just don't know what to think. I feel especially bad as he is having a hard time getting bikes from BMW and he would rather have sold this new GT to somebody else I'm sure. Anyway I saw you being pretty bashed
by a few less understanding people on a different forum. Ouch tough crowd. I guess you and I have to decide if we can live with that noise. I guess for me more then the fact that the sound does indeed bug me is that it just sounds like it's doing damage. It sounds like metal hitting on metal. I see people talking about the two noises. The tranny lash when getting on and of on the the throttle doesn't really bother me. It's the clickity clack that makes me a little COO COO. Can anyone out there tell me what is even causing it? On my old bike it got so bad sometimes it felt like someone was hitting on the foot pegs with a ball peen hammer not hard but hitting them. I'm with you in the fact that we shouldn't have to adapt so drastically to ride a bike that cost just barely south of 30 K. Anyway I'm just going to sit on things for a while. My perfectly good 2010 RT was still sitting on the show room floor and I could have gotten it back but I do love the 1600. The other thing that bugs me is 2 different gentlemen in service rode my old bike and agreed that it didn't sound right. So long story short I just don't know what to think and I am now going to put my helmet on as I'm sure I too will be bashed for not loving my new BMW as much as I could and I will have to decide. Live with it or move on. Most of all someone tell me what that noise is and why didn't the GTL demo bike make that noise. Good day all