Greetings from Colorado,

Picked up a new 1600 GT 3 weeks ago just before big ride to Canada. Bad idea. Rode the bike home and thought the engine was making expensive noises. Was told by the dealership to bring it in after my trip. Noise kept getting louder and louder. Long story short I took it back to the dealer as I didn't trust that noise for 3000 miles of duty. Dealership pulled the bike apart and found a tensioner that wouldn't hold pressure and as a result the chain also was found to be stretched. Replaced both. Now at this time I'm not feeling to good about the bike and was wishing I had my 1200RT back. Picked up the bike today and same noise same conditions after 150 miles back home. Now I know this bike makes different noises then a 1200RT but this noise can't be normal. IT is the most noticeable at 2500 rpm with light load in 2nd, 3rd and 4th gear. Sounds like chain slap or a valve short on oil. Has anyone out there had this same experience. I want to love this bike but I'm starting to lose that loving feeling. Also I can't seem to get use to the snap of the drive train. A sort of heavy clunk when torque is applied to the drive train after coasting or letting off the throttle. So I guess the question is are these normal noises or should I be worried. Dealership seems willing to work with me to get it resolved but has been a 3 week bummer so far. 700 miles on the bike and ALL of them to the dealer for service.