I got invloved, missed the final ceremonies, but met such fine folks in the process. We chatted away the evening, as the ceremonies were promptly moving without us. A first for me, missing out. I WOULD LOVE meeting the Head Chairs for next years rally in Salem and know they were at the ceremonies. I'm a talker upper, when it comes to these and find the chat never too soon to bring up. A year out is not so far and from experience, I can tell ya time flies. I did meet and shake hands with the Salem City folks in Sedalia. Nice chat and they were excited, knowing they were in our sites, 2013. I did a GS Chair job in Redmond and know too well the NW areas are sooooo very exciting to push agendas for. We have a gold mine of the best NAmerica has to offer in the NW, so bring forth the members, learn'em all the excitement to be had in the way NW again....For me, its an extended Alaska Adventure, one I've had my eyes on for decades now. Salem will add much icing on the cake. Randy"Polarbear"Owens,GSA1200