Just wondering if anyone else from the MOA attended the "Evening with Rawhyde Adventures" last evening? I am not associated with either so this isn't a product plug. I thought the Rawhyde info was very informative and it also gave me the opportunity to visit a BMW dealership I hadn't been to previously. Also the other attendees were very welcoming and conversation flowed well after the presentation was over. I didn't get to remember everyone I was introduced to but was wondering what MOA chapter the GS riders in the Chicago/Joliet area belong to?

Bar risers and foot pegs (lowered) I need to add to my GS. And I brought back a pair of Wunderlich pegs from Sedalia.

Rawhyde is coming back sometime in September to put on a one-day adventure riding clinic. I'm going to have to play hookie from work if it is a weekday.