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Thread: Crossing the Border..

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    Question Crossing the Border..

    at Brownsville,Tx. and heading to the there any problems that should be noted?

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    Check some of the posts on advrider. There will be more local info.
    Remember you need a passport, tvip, and Mexico insurance. You should have no problem going into Mexico.
    Coming back you may, depending on time and location, have extremely long lines and wait times.
    Mexicali allows motos to cut to the head of the line. That way you can sometimes avoid a line of 10,000 cars. I don't know about the other return crossings. Other than Tecate, which is sometimes wide open.

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    Here are some resources that might help:

    For this one, you could sign up and post your question to CBP officers assigned to the Brownsville post:

    Hope this helps.

    Good luck, be safe and have fun!
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    Coming back, some ports are busier than others. Laredo is usually bad - time wise. Brownsville so so. El Paso can be really bad. The smaller ports can be quick but some like Presidio and Del Rio are off the beaten track.

    Less people you have to face each day, the less testy you will be.
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