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Thread: Yankee Beemer Rally

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    Yankee Beemer Rally

    Hello Everyone,

    I am planning to go to the Yankee Beemer Rally in Heath MA this weekend. Will be leaving from Poconos PA area Friday ~12 noon.

    If you are thinking of goign and pass this way.... or near by...

    I will be going up and accross NY state through the Catskill park...

    Lots of Great Dirt road..

    If you are interested... we can find a spot to meet..

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    Lots of FUn...To much....Johnny!

    Posting a reply to my own thread.

    Want to thank the Yakee Beemers for a Great Rally... Even though I only stayed one night it was Good..

    Learned how to pronouce that Italian Moto Guzzi.. LIke Pizza..

    The other thing I learned.... Dont Get Hammered the Very 1st Night..

    Not sure if anyone saw me at the back of the fair ground... spuing like a Water fountain all Night.. and then again the next day..

    I was not right till about now.. .Sunday Afternoon...

    That ride back was awesome... Every ten miles or so I had to pull over to Hurl.. Then re-water up... I was really getting used it.. So much by about 3rd time... I did not even bother with pulling over....Just flipped up my lid... Hung over the side...and Let Fly...

    The people behind my must have been like OMG what is that guy doing....Explains the looks I was getting...

    PS I Left a Brand New Ground mat... Was to out of it to pack it up... Hope it find a good home...

    Anyway.. I will be back Next Year for Sure...

    Only this time.... No Johnny Walker for Me!

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    Hey now,

    Thanks for making the trip to our little party in the hills.

    One thing I learned as I made the transition from offshore sailboat racing to motorcycling is sailing with a hangover can still be fun and even successful.

    Riding a motorcycle with a hangover? Not so much.

    Thanks again to you and the close to 300 other riders for joining us. As always next year will be even better!

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