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Thread: Some Aftermarket Parts Reviews on my 2012...

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    Lightbulb Some Aftermarket Parts Reviews on my 2012...

    1.) R&G "No Cut" Frame Sliders for S1000RR - got a set of these and they performed as advertised, have a nice aerodynamic teardrop look, and no issues.

    2.) Hornig Mirror Caps for trackday prep - reasonable, worked as advertised. May paint mine Alpine white, though!

    3.) Hornig Rear Footpeg Tiedown Holders - again fairly reasonable cost, and if you've ever ridden as a passenger on an S1000RR, you'll note that passenger accomodations are a bit vestigal. Slots to pass tiedown straps through are quite small and may be a tad sharp along edges. I needed to use a double looped "extender" through each tiedown holder to hook the tiedown to. I realize I could just loop the tiedown strap through and ratchet it up, but I like the idea of a loop in there. When I use these to transport to next track day, they'll get a more detailed review.

    4.) CRG "Roll-A-Click" adjustable fold-up brake lever for S1000RR - fit and finish perfect, no issues. Would like to be able to dial in a lever position a little bit closer to the bar. The S1000RR has monster brakes and you don't need a lot of lever movement to stop immediately.

    5.) CRG "Roll-A-Click" adjustable fold-up Clutch Lever for S1000RR - finish perfect, looks great, one important possible no-buy issue.

    This aftermarket lever is the one the 1000R really needs since it is a long reach unless you de-tension the cable and have some slop. I didn't much like that, so ordered this one up. The lever fits the mount and clutch cable with no issues but the aluminum "cam" that actuates the clutch interlock switch when released and de-actuates the switch when the clutch is engaged did not work on my 2012. The "cam" is too large and never lets the switch go. This required a bit of thought and dis-assembly to figure it out. After taking the clutch mount off of the bike and dis-assembling, I found that the clutch switch was non-adjustable. It is plastic and at first I thought of slightly enlarging the mounting screw holes to jog it around a bit, but decided this was a bad idea. The mounting screws would have required more torque to hold the switch and since it is plastic, a crack could have happened. Also, I don't think that bolt-on parts should require motorcycle modification.

    I ended up taking a file and some various grits of sandpaper to the clutch switch actuator "cam" on the CRG lever to remove some material and polish it out. This took app. 45 minutes and it works fine now, but shouldn't have been required. I sent a review up but it hasn't been posted yet, so inquiring S1000RR MOA minds get to know!

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    Hornig Rear Passenger Peg Replacement Tie-Downs

    Welll....after several hundred miles on the trailer to last track day, the sharp edges on the interior did cut into the tie-down straps a bit. I'll be having a local machinist friend put a 1/8" or smaller radius on the sharp interior edges since the idea is a good one. But another "no recommend-o" here unless you are willing to fiddle it to make it work. I guess 3/5 ain't bad though again, don't like the idea of having to work with aftermarket parts to make them work.

    Maybe they just hurry too much.....

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