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My last evening around 4PM, a MO. State Trooper full of a Sgt., a Senior Officer and his tall Son stopped by the GSGiants Camp. They passed my tent and were observing some of our faithful Giants riding the course from their patrol car. As they came back by my camp, I waved, stopped'em and asked IF they'd ever seen such on such huge bikes? A NICE conversation outside their car insued and soooo many questions and sincere interest in our GSAs came out of these guys. We had a wonderful chat for 15 minutes at my campsite, GSA the topic. Absolutely fascinated, these guys and they WERE IMPRESSED by our presense and general appearance of this biker org., MOA.....! I think I sold some BMWs. Randy
On the news tonight, the Missouri highway patrol has their first patrol bike. A Harley Davidson. Sorry about the commission. You tried. We do have a HD plant in KC so your odds were low