I had a terrific time at the rally and met quite a few locals and every single person was helpful and welcoming.

It started at 10 PM on Sunday night as Don Friedwald and I pulled into the convenience store on Highway 65. A gentleman in his 60s approached us to talk about our bikes and invited us to his house for anything we might need during the rally. He lived across the street from gate 4. He also told me the only way to get into the fairgrounds at night was Gate 6A; the RV entrance.

I was offered coupons at Hardees Monday morning by a very nice lady and that was just the beginning of continued signs of welcome displayed towards me.

I organized a tour of one of the factories located in Sedalia, Sierra Bullets, and they rolled out the red carpet.

We were featured on their Facebook;


This was an incredible venue and we were surrounded by great local folks who made us all feel welcome.

Thanks to the selection committee.