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Thread: 2013 Rally thread-the early info

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    2013 Rally thread-the early info

    Where is next year rally?

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    Salem's July weather numbers look good:

    It's only 150 feet above sea level, but that must be offset by the maritime climate.
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    All right! We're planning to be in Oregon next summer anyway so maybe we can make the rally.

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    I just scheduled the time off from work so I am planning to attend. Had such a great time in Sedalia catching up with existing friends and meeting new ones. Also enjoyed great burgers and joking around at the Shriner's. They told me they "did better" with the BMW rally than they do during their state fair.

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    The Cincinnati Ohio riverfront (Ky side) & the Cape/Space Coast of Flordia.... when not out -- "travel'n"
    I dont feel the need for "lodging" reservations with that weather information!

    Last year on this date....having experenced Bloomsburg, my Sedalia lodging
    was secured.... and worth it last week. Lets go see more pacific NW!!!

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    Rally Site

    I am hearing that the 2013 rally site will be in the Pacific NW...Again. Having venues on the edges of the country shuts out lots of riders who can't make the 'across the country' ride to attend.

    I vote for Colorado one of these years... Centrally located; amazing riding and relatively cool. (At Paonia the weather was nearly perfect...even a bit chilly at times.)
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    Beginning in 2013 the new four Zone rotation schedule is...2013 Zone 1 Western, 2014 Zone 3 Midwest, 2015 Zone 2 Mtn States, 2016 Zone 4 Eastern.

    Looks like 2015 for the Mountain states.
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    So far I've read on this Forum that the great plains are too far from both the east and the west; that the east is too far from the west; that the west is too far from the east; that anything below 5,000 feet is too hot; anything in the plains is too hot; the south is too hot; summer is too hot; and both the east and the west are too far from the middle.

    Which explains why the rally is rotated from region to region; and why we are not a ski club. I think we are becoming the BMW Owning Keyboard Owners of America.
    Paul Glaves - "Big Bend", Texas U.S.A
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    Yeah......What Paul said.......And quit yer bitchin and either go or don't go....

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    I went to Johnson City because I'd always wanted to ride TN/NC/VA/WV.
    I went to Eau Claire (RA) because it gave me a pit stop on my way around the Great Lakes.
    Didn't do Bloomburg because it was close to home and I had opted for the RA that year.
    I went to Sedalia because I'd always wanted to check out the Ozarks.

    Salem? Too far for Barley; I can't ask him to do a ride that long especially if the transit is a hot one, but it's part of the nation I've always wanted to see on a bike, so I might take the 2-wheeler and go for it.

    Point being there's no law saying you have to attend every single one. If it doesn't fit your needs or timeline find another option. Lord knows there are plenty of roads worth exploring, and plenty of regional rallies worth a nod!
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    Some of us live on the WEST coast , it is not all indians. We can not go to all rallies . The wash state rally was good this year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pglaves View Post
    i think we are becoming the bmw owning keyboard whiners of america.
    Bob Weis
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    along the wisconsin river here in central wisconsin
    Have to vent somewhere since there's no Tavern ,wisconsin has plenty of cheese to go with all the wine!The garage is the best the rest IS politics acepted or NOT!Now cheese then wine...... ahhhhhhhhh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lee View Post
    Beginning in 2013 the new four Zone rotation schedule is...2013 Zone 1 Western, 2014 Zone 3 Midwest, 2015 Zone 2 Mtn States, 2016 Zone 4 Eastern.
    So it goes 1, 3, 2, 4.

    What has previously happened is that before the zone rotation is done they change the zone lines and start over again.

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