Just completed my 6300 mile ride from Austin to Portland and points all between. Just wanted to thank BMW San Francisco (Freddy) and the folks at BMW Portland for their quick assist .

Also, if you ever have a starter problem on your GS when it otherwise was working fine it may be that you have corrosion on your battery connections or your starter/solenoid connections..(which mine did)...i learned that you can push start the beast! check your connections and lube with di-electric grease before you head out!!!

Paul V

Note: if you enter the Oakland Bay Bridge from San Fran be advised that you enter from the LEFT lane...if you want to get to the right hand side you have many lanes to cross. At least that is how i got on this beast of a bridge. Also leaving SF going East you are on the lower part of the bridge which should keep it less of a white knuckle trip.