Looking for recommendations...

F-150 with a 5.5' bed and a R1200RT... Measurements put the rear tire patch between the pivot point of the tailgate and about two inches past.

I am looking to buy a removable in-bed tire chock for my F-150/R1200RT. My buddy has one, but it is a cheaply built one (Dodge Ram/Harley Streetglide. The cool part about his is that when it is not in use, he removes the chock and all that is left is a small flat bracket towards the front of the bed (up by the cab). Also, has anyone had any experience loading a motorcycle with that new tailgate step Ford has. I can't imagine that lip, which come out and converts to a step, can take the weight of a bike. I'd hate to have to do the trailer route, but will if I have to. The Stinger looks interesting.

Any and all thoughts are appreciated.