Tom is Tom take him or leave him, its as simple as that. Regardless of who or what business you deal with, get the terms in writing, complete your obligation to pay on time and make sure the work is complete, satisfactory and what you have asked for. Most shops are not in business to store repaired motorcycles or extend credit regardless of your relationship with the owner.

I would look up Kevin Reimer and at the very least get the contact info of somebody close to home. Recently at a Florida rally a friend of mine traveled there on his recently acquired R 90S, the bike made it but it had a charging system malfunction which could have left him high & dry. Florida Air-Heads Ed Miller, Roger Bush and a couple others offered to lend a hand with the new to airheads guy. Diagnosed and repaired at the rally my friend rode home.

If your looking for a shop to do your work just make sure you get it in writing and stay in touch with the guy turning the wrenches, don't ask for a payment plan and keep in mind its not a storage facility. If you want knowledge and a helping hand for some "do it yourself" stuff then the Air Heads club is well worth the price of a membership.